Oct 31, 2014

Face masks

Ceesie has been on 8 different flights in the past 12 days… no money no honey, right?
You probably think that after being on an airplane that much Ceesie's skin must look like a rotten apple, but it's not, and that's cause I hydrate my skin while being in the air and always use a great hydration mask when arriving in my hotel room. You might get a few stares if you take care of your skin up in the air, but the stares you get later from people wondering how your skin looks so gorgeous after all that travel is more than worth it if you ask me.
Ceesie loves the SK-II sheet masks the most, but they are a bit overpriced to use on a weekly basis. So I like to use a Asèop or Kenzoki hydration mask.
Facemasks are just the best thing in the world. I like to apply it right before going to bed while reading a book and drinking my chamomile tea, so I wake up with a healthy glowing skin right in time for my next photo shoot.
Ceesie recommends to take more care of their skin especially after long flights!

Oct 22, 2014

Want me to double bag it? NO!

Ceesie wants to talk about plastic bags.
Being back in America I suddenly remember how ANNOYED I got when people asked me for a plastic bag when I was only buying a bottle of water and an apple. (In Belgium we need to pay for a plastic bag!)
I think it's an awful habit of us tot ask for a bag when you're only buying a few small items.
Today I bought one pack of gum and the lady asked me if I needed a plastic bag for that. I mean… seriously?
Ceesie also hates the fact that when you go to Whole Foods the cashier asks you if she needs to double bag it. What a waste.
What Ceesie is trying to say here is to stop wasting plastic bags and go buy one big shopping bag and bring it everywhere you go, cause we all know that we are the future and the little things will eventually help us all. #AMEN

Oct 14, 2014


My capsule collection for Essentiel Antwerp is now available online and ships world wide!


Oct 11, 2014

North West home best

Let's talk about North West here for a second. For the once who don't know who North West is, and have been living on Mars for the past 15 months, North West is the pretty baby girl of social media queen Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West. 
Ceesie doesn't want to talk about the weird name choice, but I do want to talk about the outfits that the baby get forced to wear, and outfits they sure are! Balmain, Dior, Saint Laurent, Givenchy,… name it the baby has worn it.
The other day Ceesie was looking in a gossip magazine and saw little North all laced up, heels on, earrings in and her hair brushed out to go see the Givenchy show.
First of all I think it's stupid that a baby is seeing a Givenchy show at 9 pm on a sunday night. But besides from that Ceesie was more in shock about the baby's look that her stylist had pulled together. (cause yes, the baby has her own stylist). A 15 month old baby all dressed up like her mom is a little too much for Ceesie, and this was not the first time that I've spotted baby North look like a grown up. Leather leggings, Timberlands, Alexander Wang handbag,…  Poor North, not even 2 years old and already sitting in a make up chair and dressing room before leaving the house, what will the future bring...

Oct 6, 2014

Ceesie passed the test

Ceesie finally has his driver license!!!
You may think 26 is late, but in the modeling world not having your drivers license at that age is something very common. 
Out of 30 models that I know there are only 5 who are allowed to drive a car.
As a model you leave home at such a young age that driving a car is something you do not need. You move to a big city where cabs are the number one way of transportation and you end up being 26 and still not knowing how to drive. (Shame on us!)
Anyway while being home in Belgium and having time in between jobs and promoting my collection Ceesie did it.
Now the only thing I want to do is plan a road trip and cruise around the city all day and all night.

Sep 24, 2014

Interview from the Essentiel Blog


While we are eager for the Cesar Casier for Essentiel collection to launch, we couldn’t resist to invite him to have coffee with us in the meantime. We asked him about his life in New York, his inspirations and his future plans. Grab a coffee, scroll down and enjoy your autumn read.
Amazing! I love living in New York! There’s just so much going on and so much energy around, I just can’t get enough of this city.
I decided to move to New York when I was 19 years old to open up for more working opportunities. I believe New York is a better place than other cities like Milan or Paris for me, there are more shoots. It just feels right.
Maybe. I don’t know. I love to come home – but I’m not planning on living here any time soon.
I heard about Essentiel doing special collaborations. Tom De Poortere contacted me and we talked about collaborating together. That’s how it all really started. I want to do things other than modelling and I like to have some projects on the side, where I can develop my skills and my interests.
Yes, that project all started on my blog with a question I posted: to cookbook or not to cookbook? I had a whole bunch of positive reactions and then suddenly I got contacted by a publisher. My book is sold in Colette and on Net-a-porter nowadays. I’d like to launch it in America soon.

My biggest inspirations for the collection were mainly New York, my modelling friends, my everyday life and my own wardrobe. I wanted it to be a little bit rock-and-roll in a more stylish and chic way.
Yes, certainly. I’m not a real designer – I can’t draw – but I’d like to be in consulting. That sounds very nice. It’s something I’d like to consider, anyway. I just can’t wait to see someone walking on the streets in my jacket!
If I’m not shooting, I like to get up early.  I always have breakfast first, then I start doing my mails and I blog. Afterwards, I mainly go to the gym with my personal trainer for two hours. I work out 6 days a week. As my body is my job, my workouts are very important to me. The rest of the day, I try to do something useful like working on my portfolio or I go have a drink with friends or family.

That’s a difficult question, as both cities are totally different and unique in their own way. New York has so much energy and is full of life. Ghent is tinier, cozier with great bars and great people you can easily connect with. If I really had to compare them, I would say Ghent might be like a neighborhood in New York, like Tribeca (where I live) or Soho.
(laughs) A kiki is EVERTHING! A kiki is a wild party from which you have to recover from for two days in a row. It comes from the title of a song that I adore from the Scissor’s sisters.

Sep 19, 2014

Cesar Casier for Essentiel

Ceesie is proud to announce that his capsule collection for Essentiel will finally be on sale in all Essentiel stores and online on the 6th of October. (and in the Paris stores from the 15th of October)
I'm just so happy and thankful that I got the chance to design my own clothing line, existing of 28 pieces for both men and women. Most of the clothes are unisex and are a reflection of my own personal style. I wanted the collection to reflect the streets of downtown New York and the friends and acquaintances who are part of my everyday life.
Ceesie likes to call this collection rock'n roll chic with a mix of comfortable home wear and funky night wear pieces.
A fun fact is that the catchphrases that I says all the time are worked into T-shirts and sweaters: 'I cant', 'Chic c'est la vie', 'Ca-va' and of course 'Let's have a kiki'.
Here are the campaign images of the collection:

Sep 14, 2014


Ceesie is a Delvaux ambassador. 
I got invited to visit the head office in Brussels and even got a whole private tour of the building, atelier and museum.
Ceesie was so impressed by the history of the company. For the once that don't know much about the Belgian brand, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury house in the world, founded in 1829, and is together with Hermes and Bottega Venetta the only company that  still makes their handbags by hand. (Talking about chic c'est la vie here.)
In the main building they have the atelier in the back, where they still produce most of their bags, and a small Delvaux private museum. Ceesie is in love with this chic and luxurious brand and is very happy and proud to be the first male ambassador in the world.

Aug 27, 2014


I don't want to sound like a rude asshole by posting this, but Ceesie is OVER the ice bucket challenge. 
I mean… enough is ENOUGH.
The first thing that I've been seeing for the last month when I open my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are pictures and videos of people doing this ALS ice bucket challenge. 
In the beginning it was fun to see Anna wintour, Mario Testino, Gisele and Britney pouring ice cold water over themselves , but now it's starting to get annoying!
Ceesie totally supports and understands it's a great thing that the organization is raising so much money with the challenge, but pouring ice water over your head is not making any difference if you don't donate money.
I bet that 60% of the people that do the challenge don't donate or even know what ALS stands for.
So what Ceesie is trying to say here is to STOP with this "social media trend" when you don't donate any money to the organization. (and by the way waisting water is also not ok!)

Aug 19, 2014


If People ask Ceesie who his favorite Model is his answer is always: DARIA!
This girl, or should I say women, is just so cool, so pretty and so amazing in every single way.

I'm in love!

Aug 15, 2014

Racism ruins lives

A few days ago Ceesie watched the movie 'American History X' a movie I hadn't seen since high school… Ceesie was so shocked and heartbroken by the movie that I went to bed sad and thinking. 
The next morning I woke up and heard the news about the young black kid that got shot in Missouri (for no reason) and I thought, things still haven't changed!!!
It's just so sad to see that racism is still happening today. 

Ceesie believes in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such regardless of their color.
Let's all pray and hope that in time racism will be gone forever.

Aug 6, 2014


Ceesie never makes any promotion on his blog, but when it comes to family I feel like I have to support my own flesh and blood…
My lovely cousin just started her own event company: HOORAY!
She organizes birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and much more. (http://www.hoorayevents.be)
A few weeks ago I asked her to help me organize my Birthday dinner and what an amazing job she did. The gorgeous flowers came from the best flower shop in Gent 'Bos Bloemen' and the plates she painted herself.
Ceesie was so happy and excited to invite all his close friends together to enjoy an unforgettable birthday dinner. (with an even better after-party afterwards, DU-UH)
My dad cooked the best food and everyone had a great time.
Thanks again daddy cool and Julie!
Here are some images of the table decoration:

Aug 4, 2014


If you love pretty people, great food, shopping and a good party... Copenhagen is definitely your place to visit. My very good friend and I decided to explore the Danish capital for a weekend and loved every part of it. 

Here is a list to do:
- Rent a bike.
- Go for a chic lunch at Geist.
- Eat a Danish roll.
- Go out to club sunday and go to Jolene for a great and fun after party till 9 am. ( Let's kiki)
- Relax and read a book at the kings garden.
- Go for breakfast or lunch at the vegetable and fruit market.
- Go take a picture with the little mermaid. (you're a tourist after all)
- Make sure to make a reservation at restaurant Fiskebar.
- Shopping is good all over the city, but make sure you go have a look at the Acne outlet.
- Go for vietnamese food at LeLe.
- Make out with a hot Danish girl or guy, everyone is just so pretty and tall!


Jul 17, 2014

Seoul I love you

Time flies. 3 weeks Korea has passed by so fast it's scary. 
Like always , Ceesie had a great and unforgettable time in his favorite Asian city. 
I lived extremely healthy for 3 weeks (no alcohol, no dairy, no bread and almost no sweets) and i'm going back with a ton of great energy and some unforgettable memories. What more can my body and mind ask for?
Seoul is one of those cities a tourist wouldn't immediately think of going. 
You would more easily go to Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bangkok but Ceesie is telling you GO visit Seoul. It's a huge city with so much to do. The small different neighborhoods all have their own style and atmosphere and that's what makes it so fun. The food is by far the best Asian their is and the people speak much better English then in Japan, so it's a lot easier to get around.
Trust Ceesie, you won't regret going.